Saturday, September 29, 2007

Birthday Extravaganza

You would have thought that we celebrated the boys birthday today and not my mother and I's. I'm not sure why my mother is convinced they need a goodie bag even at their mother and grandmother's birthday party, but they did. My living room looked like christmas and birthday had blew up, with dollar store toys and candy wrappers every where.
Bossyboy has a weakness for all things sweet. He doesn't get sweets very often simply because he goes hog wild and will not stop until every piece is eaten whether it's his or not. You should have seen him at Easter. He literally ate just about every piece of candy in all three baskets. Today was no exception. After icing the cake from those handy dandy icing containers I accidentally left it out. I came back in the kitchen to find Bossy and the dog sitting in the kitchen floor "sharing" the last of the icing. Of course I couldn't resist and snapped a few pics.

We had a good time over all despite the fact OU lost to Colorado. I'm trying to reassure myself that hopefully they'll bounce back and beat Texas.

Here's a few pics to note the day.

This was the second time I caught him in the "act".

Yes I promise it's still 2007 and this pic was taken today. The wallpaper is that retro green with flowers.

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laura said...

Gracie likes to share food with the dogs too. I caught Libby eating a pop-tart with Gracie this week....Gross!



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