Monday, August 20, 2007

Thats going in the blog...

The hubs decided tonight to have a jam session. This basically means he becomes the spin master D.J. and cranks up some random tunes. The boys get up and dance and Wonderboy jams on his toy guitar. We shook it all night long..yes we did. Gameboy with his talented break dancing moves had us all in stitches. When I asked him who taught him those moves. He stated that he just made them up on his own. I think he was a wee bit behind his time.

Then my soloduet performance was up. Somehow I was dragged on the dance floor aka the living room floor to shake my groove thing to you guessed it, Trace Adkins Budonkadonk. If you haven't heard it well it's about a girl shakin her budonkadonk on the dance floor with a country twang. So I'm groovin along trying to teach my sons the grace and sophistication that is two steppin, with not much grace nor sophistication. During this time our dog Anakin who's a good 60 pounds and can easily reach the top of Gameboys shoulders standing on his hind legs, believes he needs to cut in and dance with me to. So my new partner and I are shakin our budonkadonks.
Here's the part where it really is hundred times funnier had you actually been here to witness it. Just go with the flow on this one and try to visualize.

As my partner and I are continuing our groove, he decides to sashay behind me. Just as I'm shakin it up real good, he (the dog) literally rams his nose so far up my butt that I thought I was going to be launched like a rocket into orbit. My husband is crying with laughter watching it unfold begging and wishing he had the camera. I am literally frozen in time, paralyzed with my own desire to die laughing while still feeling the rocket thruster still in my butt. I just for some reason could not move nor remove the dog nose. Meanwhile my children are dancing around me and the dog, and laughing just as hard, and my hubs shouting oh my god that's going in the blog! After finally removing the nose from my posterior, I was able to carry on with my needed desire to shed tears of laughter. The hubs of course said the view he saw was probably ten times funnier than what I saw, cause you know all I saw was the moon and stars as I was lifted into orbit.
Like I said it was probably a hundred times funnier in person.


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I love that this went into the blog! Nothing funnier than a nose up the butt!

Lawanda said...

rofl! Well it was pretty darn funny in the blog!!!

(Love the new look!!!)


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