Monday, August 13, 2007

I love..

Have you noticed lately that the blog has been missing a little somethin somethin?
Yeah my boys have been away for a week and now they are home. So here are a few thoughts I have on that.

I love hearing the doorbell ring and opening the door with a big ol bear hug at my waist.

I love getting bombarded with two more hugs on my waist and knees.

I love hearing the incessant chatter of all the wonderful things they did over the week. I think swimming in their mini wading pool was the main attraction for the week.

I love the new things the Bossyboy is saying and doing. I love that he's still the boss, now that he's back at home.

I love that Wonderboy whistles like a pro in front of his big brother and big brother still is struggling with getting the hang of whistling.

I love that Gameboy looks like he's grown an inch tall

I love that the dog was just as excited to see the boys as they were to see him.

I love that the boys are actually some what excited to get back to school. I asked Gameboy what was he looking forward to the most, and he said to get to read more.

I love that I actually feel I have something to "live" for and no longer feel like just a bump on a log when their gone.

I love most of all them just being home.

A few end of summer shots...

Gameboy at the church picnic.


Wonderboy riding his stick horse. I made this stick horse in 3rd grade for a Oklahoma land run thing. The old horse is still alive and kickin.


Lawanda said...

Awww! I am glad you got your boys back with ya :) They are so cute! Very cool that they play with your horse!!

Anonymous said...

how sweet!

casual friday everyday said...

What a beautiful post!



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