Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gift Card

How lame am I that I'm already pondering what to buy with my $25 Target card? You would almost think that I was 7 and just received a whopping $5.00 for my birthday and am dreaming of what toy I can buy at the toy store. I'm not a big splurger on myself, of course my hubby would disagree. I say he's the bigger spender that splurges on me. There's a difference there. I'm the mom and always have to have my priorities in line. This time it's all going for me. Wonderboy can get new shoes before school starts as long as the dog doesn't chew them up anymore than he already has. Where's my roses and tiara for mother of the year?
So here is my listing of what I believe I really and truly need.

1. An electric hand mixer-I don't even know what they go for now a days. I say that as if I'm fifty and have always bought a mixer. The one I have is actually missing a beater and is probably older than I am. My hubby had it when we got married, he doesn't bake. I think his mom got it for him at a garage sale, why she thought he needed one the world will never know. He was a bachelor for cryin out loud! Last I knew they didn't bake or mix things. It really makes it challenging to fulfill my dream of being a pastry chef with only one beater. -Not really I'm just sayin

2. Bras. Yeah I said it! The few times I splurge on buying me clothes the last thing I think about is underwear. I also realized that I'm like 98% of a lot of women and do not wear the correct bra size. Thank you hubs for wanting to measure me out, after they demonstrated how to measure for a bra on QVC. He's all about getting a free feel and having his wife up to standard. Thanks again hon.

3. It's also very tempting to just splurge on a cute pair of black sandals that I so could totally use.

4. It's really hard not to go spend it on the 3 year old who is desperate for some big boy underwear..poor kid he's been wearing big brothers. The guilt is also creeping up on me about the dog chewed shoes.

What else does my heart desire at Tarjay?
Knowing me I probably will end up with a package of fruit of the looms to quelch my guilt and something totally random that I really didn't need like the stuff from the dollar bin. But it's all so cute and functional right? I will be sure to keep you posted on what I decide. Because I'm all about providing such vital information to my public.

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