Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I'm the type of person who really doesn't mind waiting in waiting rooms. I somewhat enjoy just people watching and just letting my mind wonder. I do however don't like waiting to be picked up from somewhere. For example today the hubs needed the van cause he had some errands to run and he was out of gas in his burb. He dropped me off at work which then he has to pick me up. It really normally is no big deal since we live less than 2 miles from the house.

The problem I have is I feel so insecure just sitting doing nothing but waiting outside my office. Like I'm a lost puppy needing a home. The people file out of the building at 5 and look at me in a feel sorry for me kind of way. Well at least I conclude they are thinking that..shoot they probably aren't thinking anything other than Woot it's 5 I'm going home and your not. Usually during this time of waiting, I try to look like I'm doing someting constructive, like digging for that much needed invisible something in my purse. I figured out why I feel insecure during this time today as I waited for the hubs to get me.

It all goes back to the first day of 3rd grade. As most of the year before my very best neighbor friend's mom would pick us up after school. For some reason there was a mix up in communication and they forgot to wait for me. So when I came out of the school best friend wasn't there. I waited and waited while everyone else had left yet my friend or her sisters didn't come out. I concluded that friend had already left but I was still waiting in hopes someone would come get me. Now the kicker was the power was out that afternoon for some ungodly reason; and I believed that since the power was out the phones wouldn't work either. So I kept waiting and waiting and thinking of some other way of getting home other than walking. By this time the last bus had went and the last of the other kids were picked up. Lucky for me my second grade teacher happened to be the one supervising the kids as they got on the bus and saw that I was pretty much alone and well left behind. She asked me if I had called someone and I explained the predicament of the electricity. She gave me a big hug as I broke down and cried and told she me it's ok and that she would just take me home.

I had never felt so relieved and loved by someone other than my family in my life. She was always my favorite teacher even before the incident. She just had a way with making each kid in the class feel special. So even if I have to wait just a few minutes to be picked up I get that little bit of panic and then I think about Mrs. U and I feel a little less panicked and know that someone somewhere loves me and hasn't forgotten me, even if I feel at the moment abandoned and forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

holy shit I am so sorry ! I do not remember that incident, but I do feel terrible. Mrs. U was a great teacher. I was always a little jealous that she was your teacher and I had such a mean 2nd grade teacher. Laura


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