Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spring Reading Thing

The Spring Reading Thing?! You mean Spring is over already?
Here was my very short list
We Were The Mulvanny's -Finished
Time Travelers Wife-Finished
Memory Keepers Daughter-Finished
The Bell Jar-Just Started
The Kite Runner-Not Started
The Hobbit-Oldest is still reading
As you can see, I didn't get to finish my list. I'm ok with that cause I've got all summer, fall, and winter to finish.
Katrina had some questions to go with the ending of the reading thing.
What was the best book you read this spring? Probably Time Traveler's Wife. I had a hard time putting it down. I just loved the different approach that was taken to a love story. I can see Hollywood making this into a romantic/comedy.
What book could you have done without? We Were the Mulvanny's-This one just seemed to drag on like the author just did not want the story to end.
Did you try out a new author this spring? If so, which one, and will you be reading that author again? I'm looking forward to reading Bell Jar to try out Sylvia Plath's work.
If there were books you didn't finish, tell us why. Did you run out of time? Realize those books weren't worth it? I did just run out of time.

What did you learn -- about anything -- through this challenge? I learned that I do have to pace myself and that there wasn't any pressure to finish them all. I'm just happy to have been given the challenge to get back into the reading groove again. This was something that I really had let fall to the wayside due to just living life with kids. I believe I set the greatest example to inspire my kids to read more, simply by reading for myself. My 8 year old was actually curious about what I was reading and would ask about the story and then come back again wanting to know what happened. I loved it!

What was the best part of the Spring Reading Thing? I think just being inspired to read more and seeing what others are reading. I also loved the fact that it some how inspired my kid to be interested in what I'm reading. He actually wanted to read one of the books. I kind of figured they would be way over his level and to stick with The Hobbit for now.

Would you be interested in participating in another reading challenge this fall?
Any other thoughts, impressions, or comments. I will definatly go for it again this fall. I think this is a great idea, and a great way to meet people with a common interest-reading.

Thanks Katrina for hosting this Spring Reading Thing. I look forward to joining the Fall Challenge.


Katrina said...

I liked The Time Traveler's Wife, too -- such an interesting twist on a story. Also, I like what you said about being an example to our kids by reading. So true! Looking forward to seeing you for the fall challenge!

Barbara H. said...

Neat that your son wanted to read, too! I can't seem to inspire my youngest that way. And I agree that any that don't get read just get rolled over to the next list. :)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Good job. Love your header! I saw the Read Together button on your sidebar. I'm glad you'll be joining in.


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