Sunday, June 10, 2007

Peanut Butter Crises

Since the whole PP peanut butter debacle of 2007; it's been a little more challenging to find a large jar of creamy peanut butter. We are quite the peanut butter eating people in this house. When you have 3 boys lunches to pack and most of their sandwiches consist of a PBJ the little jar just doesn't cut it.

It seems like people are hoarding the other brand of creamy PB. Every time I go to the store the gaping hole for PP is of course still empty and then theres another gaping hole for the creamy other brand. I always have to resort to the smaller jar of creamy PB from another brand. The funny thing that I notice is that the crunchy PB and the generic brand creamy PB is always in great supply. I myself refuse to buy the generic off brand creamy PB its just not good. I don't know what they make it from but it doesn't taste like peanuts. I'm guessing other people agree. So why can't they order an extra supply of the J brand to fill in that gaping hole on the PP side? What's to become of PP is it gone forever, does it really take that long for a new batch to be made? I'm guessing they are gone forever but people are really good at forgiving and forgetting. How many people did it actually effect, and did people actually die from it? To many questions and no answers.

This whole recall has really bothered me, not just because I can't get the large size of the J brand creamy peanut butter at any store. I just don't understand why it was such a major deal? We were so fortunate to have that 2111 peanut butter and was over halfway through the jar and it didn't bother us. Yet there was a major recall on pet food and 90% of it was still in the stores and tons and tons of animals died because of it. I totally understand that people are more important than pets. I also understand people are sue happy if something were terrible to happen to them due to tainted peanut butter.

I think PP got a bad wrap from this and I don't really see how it was their fault. This kind of thing happens and that's why the recalls happen for our safety. I just wish they would hurry and make a new batch and be done with it cause workingmomma247 family needs their peanut butter.

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