Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow

The hubs being the awesome husband that he is told me to go get my hair done, so he could have a sexy wife for father's day. Is that not sweet of him? So I scheduled my appointment and was ready to go.

I usually go to the same place, but dred it cause I know it's possible I will get Dora the Explorer. (The name should tell you everything) Now Dora shea nota speaka mucha englisha. She can get by with You want color, you want cut? It look OK? Of course I get there and ended up with Dora. I felt optimistic for some reason and thought it will be fine no big deal.

I always have a tough decision on what color I should go with. I'm not a spunky gal by any means and need a little help on what would be good for me. Dora she nota mucha help. If I would have picked blue with red stripes she probably would have gone with it. So I was on my own. The color red brown just kind of appealed to me and I'd never been a red head before. So red it was. Dora is excellent about detail, and she takes her ever lovin sweet time making sure every single strand is covered in color. Then she asked me "You want this to?" as she pointed to what appeared to be my scalp in front of my head. I assumed she meant you know, my bangs or something. She was of course referring to my eyebrows. Thank goodness she could have done blue stripes or something crazy like that and I would have agreed to it.
She rinsed me out very thoroughly and conditioned and conditioned my hair a good twenty times. My scalp was literally throbbing when I came out from the salon. The color was definitely red and not so much red brown. A color I'm really still getting used to. Then it was time for the cut. I told her "bob with layers above shoulder" She say layers up to here OK. She didn't really cut it in layers but did it her own way. Then she cut my bangs..ahem no she weed whacked my bangs a little to short. She fussed and fussed with my hair until there was no more to fuss over and then fussed some more as she took the cape off. She knew she messed up my bangs. She asked OK? OK? a dozen times and I finally relented and said OK..I figure she wouldn't understand me anyway if I told her they still didn't look right.
Now it was time to face the judges. I checked my hair and was beginning to accept it. Hub looked at it and said "They cut it to frame your face?" "They shouldn't have done that." A little background on the hubs his father was a barber. The hubs attended barber school to go in business with his dad unfortunately it really wasn't the hubs thing. The man knows hair though and probably could have cut it way better than Dora. So he was a little eh its ok. The boys were the next to judge wonderboy as he saw the back of it did his whew he was whistling. Sweet boy. Gameboy saw it and his reaction was "Oh my god mom" That's always reassuring. He did say later that I looked beautiful. That's good enough for me. The bangs will grow out and life will go on as usual.

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