Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Challenge: Rearrange 2 rooms in 4 hours Difficulty:1 percocious puppy. How Hard Could It Be?

All the boys are gone so I have been partying down at home. It is so nice not to have to worry about feeding 4 other people and all I need is a tuna salad sandwich.
When all is quiet like this I get in clean mode. This time around I under took the duty of purging/rearranging/organizing/cleaning both bedrooms. I'm used to doing one room at one time not both at the same time. I think think I did myself in. **See I'm repeating myself or there's an echo in the room.**

Challenge: Carry one baby crib broken down in pieces and some Goodwill bags all at once which obstructs your view and balance. Difficulty: The dog likes to sit right in front of my feet at every single step.

Challenge:Vaccuming a nasty floor from a puppy who has chewed up just about every stuffed animal and bean bag in sight. Difficulty: A puppy who hates the vaccuum and barks at it incessently and then begins to bite at it.

Challenge: Spray painting a toy box outside with no wind to ventilate. Difficulty: Preventing yourself from inhaling the fumes while trying to keep the nosey dog from inhaling them as well. sidenote- I blew my nose this morning and had pretty black snot. That can't be good can it?

Challenge: Rearrangeing furniture around 5 different times to get it just right. Difficulty: Moving said furniture around a puppy 5 different times during the process.

Challenge: Sort/Purge/Organize toys so they all go in their proper spot. Difficulty: Arrange toys while the puppy is in your lap licking your ears and trying to jump on your head.

Needless to say I am one pooped momma today. I got 97% of it done last night. It really helps when you don't have dogs kids in the way.
I really didn't feel like going through all the toys to organize at 10PM last night, and will do that another day. Plus I would of had enough dog kisses to last a life time-somehow his kisses are mood killers. So all I am going to do is make the beds and put the books on the book shelf. I think they will be happy with the results.
Since I am never one to let my public down, the before and after shots revealed.



It's a little plain right now, but I will have him pick what toys and what not he wants in his room.

Messy Room 2

You see my lovely assistant Anakin? Yeah he was a great help! NOT!!!
I don't want to bore you guys with a hundred pictures of a nasty room. The clean rooms do look pretty good if I say so myself.

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Lawanda said...

WOW! You did good :) *applause*

Maybe next time the dog should go with the boys? ;)


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