Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The ugly side of motherhood

Any mother knows there is always a ugly side of motherhood. I'm not talking about wearing the same yoga pants for the last 3 days with no shower. You know you aren't wearing those yoga pants cause your exercising. I'm talking about when the hormones of PMS are raging inside screaming to get out.
I think as I get nearer 30 the hormones are just out of control. I never thought I had PMS issues when I was younger. I hardly felt different at all, and surely I wasn't moody as a teenager. Maybe I was to distracted in my bouts of fog to really notice.
Last night was not a good night at the house of workingmomma. Maybe it was because we just got back from our 5 hour trek to OK and were exhausted and just needed to go to bed or it could have been that I was just a manic PMSing momma. It just seemed like no one wanted to cooperate with me. I felt like I had to yell everything I said cause obviously they weren't doing as I was asking, and therefore I needed to yell to get my point across. Nothing had gone how I planned for the weekend and I over stressed. So much for a relaxing vacation.

The straw that broke me down was trying to get Bossyboy to bed. How is it that my husband can put him down to bed and he's down in less than 5 minutes, but it takes me a good 30 to go through our little routine? I know the answer..I'm easy. Last night I explained to him that it was late and we would have to skip the songs cause well mommy was tired and I just didn't want to sing. Since were doing the potty training thing he knows how to get me. "I need to go potty." "You already went potty like 2 seconds ago." He will continue this and not stay in bed. I try to be the negotiator and tell him ok if we go potty again for the tenth time no songs. I can't deny the boy the potty can I? He does sometimes actually go. So we do the potty thing and put in him and bed and he's already refusing and hitting at me. I leave and he screams at the top of his lungs and starts banging on the door as hard as he can. I tell you the kid definitely has a temper. I have never heard him bang and yell so loud while being so upset. It really was a scary thing. All I could do was stand at the door and close my eyes and wish that I was banging that door as hard as I could with him. I was just emotionally drained and went to bed crying. The hubs saved me by going in and getting on to him. I went back in and hugged him told him I was sorry we laid there together singing between sobs.

I know that the kids pick up my emotions and things are fueled ten fold. I know Bossyboy really can pick up on it and it's almost like he's emulating me. So If I'm yelling and cranky most likely he's going to be cranky to. Today so far has been somewhat of a better day already. My hormones have simmered for the most part now. So I'm all about documenting the sweet tender moments of my kids but if you didn't blog about the ugly times to then it wouldn't really be right to blog that things are always hunky dory. Sorry for my vent but it helps me to clear the gunk out my head.
...Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging of giveaways, memes, meal plans, and cute sweet good kids already in progress...

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