Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 2 +3

I know you all have just been dying to know whats going in vacation land. Well all is pretty well. We are pretty much just chillin. We didn't get much beach time due to weather and of all things jellyfish! The dang jellyfish took over my beach, I wasn't to happy about it but I dealt with it and didn't let it tick me off. Remember my motto for this vacation "Go with the flow"

Probably the most exciting thing so far was the attack of the seagulls. The hubs is dying for me to blog about my aversion toward all things that fly and poo. So here it is at the hubs request...

For some reason I'm an easy target for birds and their poo. It's been this way for a few years now. I tell you how easy a target I am. I was in church, when I say in I mean INSIDE the church. Somehow or another a bird got into the sanctuary and among the hundred plus people in the church somehow I became an open target. I just knew that I would be hit. Don't ask how I knew this I just did. So that was my first experience with those flying poop bombers. Ever since then I've been leery in their presence.
Fastforward to yesterday... Were at the beach la lala..and the hubs decides we need to feed the seagulls. The seagulls to me are like flying rats. They scavenge about the seashore looking for an easy meal. One booger already got his easy meal by scooping down on my kids chicken nugget when we weren't looking earlier that day.
So there my family was feeding an easy meal to 20 plus flying rats that were in perfect alignment in the air above my head. I took the best cover I could beneath my loving protective husband in hopes they would get him instead. The boys finished feeding time and I thought I had made it scott free. Just as I stepped out of the car to go eat and looked down at my shirt there it was. They found the most inconspicuous target the side of my shirt and they got it. I have been the victim of a poo diving not once but twice. Three times and that's it for me, I will not let these flying rats get me again! REVENGE IS MINE!!!
That folks has been my vacation in a nutshell. More to come tomorrow as we venture to the basement of the Alamo. Theres no birds there is there? ;)

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