Sunday, April 22, 2007

But Seriously

**I posted this right after the V-tech tragedy and thought it appropriate to link for today. **

Please don't think that my son is a threat to national security and kick him out of day care or some public place that people may raise their arms and scream "Everyone Panic!"

bossyboy: "Bang Bang" shooting me with a toy lego.
Me: Unresponsive and ignoring him
bossyboy: (in a whiny tone) "Mommy I want to kill you"
Me: "No we don't say that, that's not nice"
bossyboy: "but Mommy I wannnnttt to keeell youuu."
Me: "I said no, you cannot kill me"
bossyboy: (him getting more upset) "Mommy I just want to kill you"
Me: "You say that again and your getting time out"

Needless to say he did give up. We don't condone guns in any kind of way in our house. We don't really even allow toy water guns. That being said you pretty much get the curiosity and the fact his brothers find what ever they can to play guns. Sticks, Legos just whatever is handy. It's hard to completely lock them away and shut the door when it comes to guns. We just have to give them a complete understanding that guns are not safe and very very dangerous. What else more can a parent really do, but talk to their kids?
Having said all that I do keep the V-Tech kids in my thoughts and prayers. There is supposedly on April 30th a day of silence from blogging. I honestly think this has nothing to do with the point at hand. I think if anything people should blog about how they feel about this situation and what we as a country can do to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening.
I don't ever see a time when guns will be out lawed. I think our country is not at that level. There's to much controversy on this issue and I really don't have a definite stand on the issue. I really feel that some kind of increased security should have been in place especially since there were previous threats from this particular situation. On the same thought, no amount of security or prevention could probably have and will prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. Some crazy person will always figure out a way to one over one on us.
I will step down from my soap box. I usually am not a politically controversal person especially on my blog. My mind started wondering and the issue just happened to relate to my 2 years old whiny threats.
I will not be silent on April 30th but instead post my thoughts about other things related to this issue that really kind of burns my fire.

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