Friday, April 6, 2007


I have just been beyond blah this week. I've gotten nothing accomplished that I wanted to. I tried making a list of things to accomplish, (which usually I do) but it just hasn't gotten done. All I want to do is just sit and sit and be left alone.

I thought today would be great I was off work and hoped to get a lot done and feel refreshed. I didn't really get to much accomplished honestly nothing really got accomplished. I had to beg the hubby to put the kids to bed for me the other night as I just didn't feel like it. You would have thought I was asking him to swim the English Channel or something.

I think it should be OK for moms to have an "off" week. That most spouses would be understanding if we didn't feel like cleaning up the dinner dishes or catch up on the Mount St. Helens of laundry waiting to erupt through out the laundry room floor. That life will still continue going on, with just a few messes here and there wont kill anyone. God forbid someone else voluntarily do it..that would be un heard of.

So I've been on strike for the week just pretty much letting stuff "erupt". I'm sure I'll get out of the funk soon and things will be fairly back to normal, or as normal as normal can be. Til then things will be a little hot with laundry lava and dirty dishes spilling over..but that's ok I'll just wade through it without it burning me to bad.

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